August 24, 2022

Recon.Cloud at Black Hat: Better, faster, and free cloud reconnaissance for all

Earlier this year, Lightspin announced the free cloud security reconnaissance tool, Recon.Cloud (aka Recon). In just 4-months since launching, thousands of users have discovered over 3 million assets, searching hundreds of domains. We’ve seen cloud researchers even create GitHub repos like a bash script for scanning Recon.Cloud for easy ingestion into offensive researchers’ tools and processes. Very cool!

We were thrilled to showcase this tool at the Black Hat Arsenal exhibition live in Las Vegas on Thursday, August 11th. During Black Hat, our team released several improvements in performance (try out those fast scans!) and expanded coverage to include AWS, Azure, and GCP! This multi-cloud support means that Recon now enables users to have complete coverage and discovery of their public cloud footprint, regardless of cloud service provider.

In addition to multi-cloud coverage, Recon is directly embedded into the Lightspin dashboard, providing a singular point of reference for all cloud security risks - from build stages (IaC Security), to production (CVEs, misconfigurations, attack path protection, and more) to runtime. Recon.Cloud is like a halo of your cloud – showing only the public facing attack surface any external party could enumerate. It’s the first step in examining the cloud from the perspective of the potential attacker, a hallmark of the complete Lightspin platform and our attack path engine.

Recon.Cloud + Lightspin’s cloud native application protection platform

Anyone can sign up and get free daily scans via Recon.Cloud, and you can export JSON results and ingest the findings into the Lightspin dashboard or other tools of choice to analyze and act on the findings.

Recon.Cloud has already scanned and discovered over 3 million cloud assets, empowering users to discover public cloud assets and determine their exposed attack surface.

To enjoy the full extent of Recon.Cloud and dive deeper into other facets of your cloud environment, create your free account today. We’re excited to add more value to the Recon.Cloud experience and help every cloud engineer be more focused and empowered to secure everything you build and run in the cloud.


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