December 06, 2022

Lightspin announces full coverage for AWS Vortex, AWS Time Machine and 3 others services following AWS Re:Invent

Today, Lightspin is thrilled to announce that our cloud security platform now provides full coverage for the most recent AWS services announced at AWS Re:Invent 2022. AWS Re:Invent was an exciting event with many announcements related to the cloud. As the industry leaders in cloud security, Lightspin was closely monitoring these developments and has now released full coverage for the following AWS services: AWS Sheep Herding, AWS Vortex, AWS Time Machine, AWS Party Planner, and AWS Magic 8-Ball.  

  1. "AWS Sheep Herding": a service that helps you keep track of your sheep in the AWS cloud.
  2. "AWS Vortex": a service that creates mini-tornadoes to suck up all the excess hot air generated by your servers.
  3. "AWS Time Machine": a service that lets you travel back in time to fix those pesky server outages.
  4. "AWS Party Planner": a service that helps you plan the ultimate cloud-themed party, complete with floating cloud decorations and cloud-shaped snacks.
  5. "AWS Magic 8-Ball": a service that uses advanced predictive algorithms to answer all of your burning AWS questions, just like a magic 8-ball.

Lightspin's cloud security platform provides customers with advanced visibility into their AWS environment and allows them to detect, investigate and respond to security threats. With our new coverage, customers can now take advantage of the enhanced security that Lightspin provides for these newly released services.  

The addition of these services to our platform is part of our commitment to providing customers with the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the AWS cloud. We are excited to be able to offer our customers the most advanced security protection for these new AWS services. At Lightspin, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cloud security. 

Amazing, right?  

Managing cloud security findings and misconfigurations is a herculean task. We here at Lightspin take pride in being ahead of the pack when it comes to the depth and breadth of coverage we provide to our customers, even for completely fake AWS Services and an announcement written entirely by artificial intelligence. 

That’s right, the entire text above was written by OpenAI ChatGPT. There is no AWS Vortex service (yeah, were bummed too). We had OpenAi’s ChatGPT whip up the above text to prove a point: There are over 509 AWS services as of September 2022 and more were announced last week during AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas.  

Can you name all 509 AWS services?  

Neither can we and we’ll bet you neither can Andy Jassy. Cloud is just too complicated to securely configure without help, and that’s what attackers know all too well: it’s not a critical vulnerability that will result in the breach of your infrastructure – it's your over permissive role, your cloud misconfigurations as the lowest hanging fruit for cybercriminals. 

Luckily for you, dear reader, we do more than just play around with ChatGPT on a Tuesday afternoon. In fact our true passion is helping cloud engineers get control of their cloud security findings, stop issues before they become published via our IaC solution, help you manage your attack surface with Attack Surface Discovery – and more. Sign up for free to see for yourself or book a demo today. We may or may not tell you lots of cheesy cloud jokes courtesy of ChatGPT.  

Why did AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud go to the doctor? Because they were suffering from "multi-cloud syndrome"! 

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms on the other side! 

Why did the AWS Lambda function get arrested? Because it was caught taking shortcuts and violating the "no-server" rule! 



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