June 23, 2021

Our Journey to a 16M Series A Funding Round!

When we brought Lightspin out of stealth mode back in 2020, we talked about our vision for helping organizations move past traditional CSPM and runtime tools. We laid out a new approach; contextual cloud security, using the view of the attacker to prioritize risk in a complex, multi-cloud environment. At the time, we knew that our approach would offer the ability to sidestep the growing noise of dozens of out-of-context security alerts, and reduce the workload for Security and DevOps teams.

How far we’ve come! Through our research and development, and with our unique graph-based technology, we have been able to provide the technology to close up attack paths at the earliest possible build stages. We’ve created open-source tools and become thought-leaders - starting valuable conversations around cloud security with our peers. Our customers call our platform “CSPM on steroids!” and we’ve captured the interest of small to large businesses and market influencers alike.

Today, we are excited to announce quadruple our initial investment, as the result of a Series A funding round led by Dell Technologies Capital, and heavily invested in by our original champions - Ibex Investors.

These investors do not come to us by chance. They have previously invested in cloud security solutions such as Twistlock, Redlock, and Dome9, and they recognize that Lightspin is the next-generation of cloud security.

“Lightspin has built the right platform to understand and prioritize the risks of actual potential attacks in the cloud environments and this realization was consistent in our CISO network,” said Alon Weinberg, Director at Dell Technologies Capital. “By providing clear context and actionable remediation options, Lightspin is also bridging the gap between DevOps and security teams both in the build stage and in production.”

These two benefits - the ability to prioritize risks in a multi-cloud and Kubernetes environment, and to focus on ‘shifting-left’ to put Security and DevOps on the same team, are two of Lightspin’s core value propositions for today’s enterprises and remain true to our vision moving forward.

We’re so excited to share this news with all of you, and let you know to watch this space as we put the funding to great use, fueling cross-function innovation and continuing to offer cutting-edge contextual cloud security for our customers. Knowing that our strength is in diversity, we’ll be looking to triple the number of new hires, while continuing our commitment to gender balance and equality across each department.

Read the full Press Release here.

Join us - the best is yet to come!

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About Lightspin

Lightspin’s context-based cloud security empowers cloud and security teams to eliminate risks and maximize productivity by proactively and automatically detecting all security risks, smartly prioritizing the most critical issues, and easily fixing them. For more information, visit https://www.lightspin.io/