October 25, 2021

KubeCon 2021 Wrap Up

Thousands gathered at KubeCon2021 in Los Angeles, California - the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) flagship conference for adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities. Lightspin team members gathered alongside other vendors and attendees to experience breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and mingle with vendors and participants alike.

What did we see?

The energy and excitement of many was palpable. Gathering in-person for many sessions and conversations facilitated the opportunities to meet with leading vendors, potential partners, and discuss with technologists what their day-to-day needs are in their work. The showcase hall saw steady streams of participants passing through booths to discover up-and-coming cloud innovations and technologies.

Lightspin offers the future of CSPM – and beyond

As more conversations occurred throughout the week in Los Angeles, our team was able to better understand the daily pain points and challenges of SecDevOps team members and what their current cloud security technologies lack.

Lightspin stood out from the crowd of vendors, by offering a demo of what the future of CSPM looks like. Our solution captivated and intrigued many who came by our booth. Lightspin offers layers of cloud security – from basic CSPM, compliance rules and benchmark requirements, through to vulnerabilities caused by OOTB misconfigurations. The platform empowers SecDevOps teams by prioritizing their potential risks through attack path visualization and automatic remediation code.


For our team, we walked away from KubeCon feeling more confident in the unique solution we offer to the market. For the first time ever, SecDevOps teams can rest assured that they not only will meet compliance benchmarks, but they can remediate critical security issues automatically through a single platform. In speaking to many attendees, we further understood the priority and primacy of compliance for most businesses. But we also challenged the market by saying, “is compliance enough to keep your cloud stack and business assets safe?

As we look forward, we hope to continue providing a forward-looking CSPM solution to the Security and DevOps teams who need it most. Overall, KubeCon further solidified our goals in bringing CSPM solutions into the next generation.

Thank you to all of those who visited our booth, and to those we met and spoke with. If you happened to miss us in LA but are interested in learning more about what Lightspin can do for you, feel free to get in touch.


About Lightspin

Lightspin’s context-based cloud security empowers cloud and security teams to eliminate risks and maximize productivity by proactively and automatically detecting all security risks, smartly prioritizing the most critical issues, and easily fixing them. For more information, visit https://www.lightspin.io/