September 12, 2022

Democratizing cloud security: introducing our FREE plan

We heard from the majority of security buyers that you want to explore products, get immediate value from the solutions you are considering purchasing, and you want transparency in pricing.  

So we have delivered.  

Introducing our self-serve Free plan, and a jam-packed Premium offering.  We’ve removed the guesswork from the traditional software buying process: no additional SKUs and opaque pricing that has no rhyme or reason.  

Lightspin is proud to provide immediate tangible value via our Attack Path Engine which provides prioritized cloud risks from an attacker's perspective. No configuration required, no custom queries need to be entered. Lightspin spins up in minutes and identifies the fastest path that a potential attacker would take to breach a cloud environment.  

Head over to our Pricing page to get started or read quickly below the breakdown of our new offerings.

Free Tier: 

  • Get started immediately for free. No sales conversation required.  
  • Lightspin’s IaC scanning engine for up to 10 repositories. 
  • Expanded daily scan access for attack surface discovery capabilities with award-winning Recon.Cloud for public exposure information.  

Premium Tier:  

  • Built to be the most affordable and robust cloud native application protection platform: CSPM, KSPM, CWPP, IaC, and more starting at only $15K per year. 
  • Unlimited attack path analysis, root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation 
  • SSO included by default. 
  • API access for customization and integration. 
  • Access to many of the post popular tool integrations. 

Enterprise Tier: 

  • All premium Tier offerings, plus increased limits. 
  • Complete runtime protection for Kubernetes clusters 
  • Dedicated white glove technical support from cloud experts 
  • Unlimited integrations 

Spend more time securing your cloud and less time explaining large purchase orders to your CFO.  

Free access to the Lightspin platform is available now. Get started today and spread the word!  


About Lightspin

Lightspin’s context-based cloud security empowers cloud and security teams to eliminate risks and maximize productivity by proactively and automatically detecting all security risks, smartly prioritizing the most critical issues, and easily fixing them. For more information, visit