Useful Azure Links and Tools

In our previous post, we covered AWS cloud security tools and resources.. Now let’s move to the second most popular cloud provider, who we believe may soon be first and may just overtake the global market in not so long - Microsoft Azure.

From our data, we see that more healthcare, medical, and automotive industries are using or moving to Azure from AWS, which still leads in the financial sector.

Dynamic Secrets Retrieval in Azure App Service with Vault - Nice video tutorial to learn about Vault's ability to integrate with Azure Active Directory.



Escalating to Domain Admin in Microsoft’s Cloud Hosted Active Directory (Azure AD Domain Services) - Privilege Escalation to Domain Admin in Azure AD Domain Services - Great blog post, especially for the Penetration Testers in the audience.



Detecting Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory Backdoors - Another excellent example of security issues in Microsoft SaaS solutions.


whalescan - A nice tool that can perform vulnerability scans for Windows containers.



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